Video Editor Master

Thanks for making VIDEO EDITOR MASTER one of the most popular app on the Windows Store. Now, organize your pictures easily on slideshow view without reselecting or removing previous images by using the application.

Video editing is a very essential skill these days, we all need it somewhere in our daily lives, whether it’s short funny videos, school projects, social media stories.

A continuous trail of the photos or videos are of utmost importance as they make a complete lot of media really captivating. We have got you covered.

Sometimes the video does not fit the requirements of the users or the uploading restrictions of the social media platforms.

Two videos together make a whole lot interesting. How wonderful it would be if two or more videos can be mixed up just to make it more informative.

Audio clippings can make great pictures so not worth it sometimes. Users are in a continuous need to reconstruct the audios so as to give out an apprehensive aura of their images.

The disturbances and the distorted audio in a video make it messy and the message, charm, and ambiance of the video get tarnished.

Backgrounds can make high-grade pictures so not meriting sometimes. Users are in a perpetual need to reconstruct the backgrounds.

Well as the trend dictates, filters are the trendsetters nowadays. They provide the required glow to the picture and also beautifies your aesthetic self.

Certain moments of the video are so glorifying and pleasing that we have the urge to capture them accordingly.