Pencil Sketch Master

Unleash your inner artist! Transform your touch device into a hub of creativity with this idealistic and innovative application, allowing you to craft custom sketch templates using your personal images.

Unleash the artist within you with our creative application designed for your touch device. This innovative tool allows you to craft custom sketch templates using your personal images, encouraging you to express your imagination and unravel your artistic side—the ultimate sketching tool, the Pencil Sketch Master Application.

Featuring three styles—Sketch, Doodle, and Hatch—this application ensures an amazing user experience. The ‘Image Preview Orientation Settings’ enable you to pre-adjust the rotation of your image, while the ‘Auto Image Enhancement’ tool optimizes your image with auto-effects and enhancement features. With 8+ pre-installed canvas designs, optional sketch designs, and a variety of tools like adjusting sharpness, lightning, and blur effects, the Pencil Sketch Master Application provides a flexible and enjoyable sketching experience.

Add funny stickers and emoticons to your images, apply custom text with aesthetic font styles, and choose from a brush, highlighter, or eraser for painting your sketch. The resizable brush allows for more precise and detailed painting on colorful canvas designs.

Featuring a ‘Featured Live Cam’ for capturing real-time images, the application supports Universal Windows Application (UWA) for stable and reliable image editing on various Windows devices. Share your creations on social media with a single touch, making them unforgettable forever.

To create a live sketch of your photos, choose the gallery option on the home screen and make a pencil sketch of your pictures.

Step 1:-  Install the application on your PC or laptop, then select and launch the app.

Step 2:-  Now, if you want to capture a moment and apply filters instantly, click on the camera icon.

Step 3:-  Click on the gallery option, and choose any photo from your device that you wish to turn into a sketch. Explore a variety of editing and sketch tools to enhance and draw on your selected photo.

Step 4:-  After selecting a photo, utilize the new cropping tool to adjust your image. If you wish to change the selected photo, simply click on ‘Pick again’ and choose another image.

Step 5:-  Once you’ve cropped the image, click on ‘Filter Effects’ to apply your desired pencil sketch effect from a variety of options available. Create amazing photos with awesome pencil sketch effects with just a single tap.

Step 6:-  After enhancing your image, click on the save button to store the edited image in your gallery. Furthermore, explore additional photo editing tools by clicking on the ‘Edit’ button to discover more art filter effects in the photo editor.

Step 7:-  After clicking on ‘Edit,’ delve into a variety of amazing photo and video editing tools. Let’s start with the first one – the Mosaic effect.

  • Click on the Mosaic effect button, where you’ll find a range of incredible options, including blur and color Mosaic effects. Adjust the brush size to select the drawing size and choose the blur intensity level to achieve the desired effect. Both Blur and Mosaic are effects that you can choose and apply by drawing on your photo.

Step 8:-  Filter options and artistic effects set the trend, making videos more altruistic and worth watching regardless of their duration. Explore the feature of adding effects to your videos through the ‘Pencil Sketch Effect Master’ option.

  • Click on ‘Effect’ and apply awesome video effects from a variety of options available.

Step 9:-  Click on the ‘Adjust‘ button to fine-tune the brightness, contrast, saturation, temperature, tint, vibrance, and vignette effects of your photo. Easily customize these effects to make your media more captivating, using the application’s user-friendly adjustment options.

Step 10:-  Click on the ‘Brush’ button to draw doodles on your creation. Choose the pen size and color, then start drawing freely on your photo.

Step 11:-  Click on the ‘Frame’ button to apply a wide range of stickers or frames to your photo or video. Once you select the frame button, explore various categories to choose from and pick your favorite frame.

Step 12:-  Click on a sticker to add and apply stickers to your photo, enhancing its expressiveness. Choose from a wide range of cool stickers available.

Step 13:-  Add text to your photo by selecting the text tool. Once you’ve chosen the text tool, write your text in the designated area and click on the ‘OK’ button. Adjust the text size and its location on your photo. Choose text alignment for proper positioning, and explore options for text color, background color, shadow, opacity, and style to design your text and create an amazing-looking photo.

Step 14:-  To incorporate an additional image into your creation, click on the ‘Add Image’ button and select your photo from the gallery.

Step 15:-  To include status stickers in your photo, click on the ‘Status’ button. Choose a category, select a status, and apply it to your photo or video.

Step 16:-  Once you’ve finished, save the sketch in the gallery of your device. After enhancing your image, click on the save button to store it in your gallery. Additionally, share the image with your friends and family via social media platforms and easily access the folder where the image is saved.