Pencil Sketch Master

Uncover the artist in you! With very idealistic and creative application on your touch device for creating custom sketch templates with your personal images.
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Guide to use : Screenshot Snipping Tool

Click on the button which you wish to perform eg:

  • Camera : Capture photo using your camera.
  • Gallery : Select Photo From Your Gallery.
  • Rotate your photo Left, Right, Horizontal and Vertical
  • Click on Check button to continue editing.
  • Lot’s of editing and sketch tools to edit and draw your photo
  • choose pencil just click on pencil.
  • Choose pencil size and color and draw on your photo.
  • Click on enhance button and choose auto Enhance or auto effect to make your sketch more cool.
  • Awesome photo filter effects to apply.
  • Wide range of photo filter effects to choose.
  • Lot’s of Awesome photo Stickers available to choose.
  • Click on any stickers And set location and size.
  • Adjust photo lighting click on the Lighting button and set photo Brightness, contrast, Highlighters, shadow etc.
  • Write text on photo click on text button write text choose font style and color and apply.
  • Set Location and size.

Click on Save Button to save Photo in Your Gallery. Save Share and Enjoy…..