Photo Lab Photo Editor

It features a three-tiered form of categorized photo filters to transform your image into a more glorious phase. Photo Lab Photo Editor also includes a featured live cam for capturing real-time images. The spontaneity of on-the-spot content is highly appreciated by viewers and is very trendy nowadays.

Choose Your Image

We value your time, and that’s why we offer you the option to directly choose a photo from the gallery of your device via the ‘Gallery’ option or capture a spontaneous moment using the ‘Camera’ feature on the home screen.

Add Mosaic & Filter Effects

Artistic filters are the extra touch that transforms your pictures into a breathtaking endeavor.

Add Overlay & Adjust Effects

The overlay icon adds a coating to the grid’s surface, allowing you to choose any shape to enhance the collage and customize the images set in each column individually.

Add Stickers, frame and Text

To highlight and enhance your pictures, place them in concise boxes with beautiful frames and additional features.