Photo Lab Photo Editor

See the best in you by discovering the great photo editing experience ever using this powerful tool to modify your images.
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Click on the button which you wish to perform eg:

  • Camera : Capture photo using your camera.
  • Gallery : Select Photo From Your Gallery.

How to edit photo using photo Lab tools

  • To apply Photo filters Effect Click on the Effect button and Choose Which type of Effect you want to apply.
  • In this editor seven type of effects choose one type and choose effect and click on it to apply.
  • Apply photo overlay click on the overlay button choose the overlay type then choose overlay click on overlay style to apply on your photo.
  • Awesome photo overlay try different different overlay on your photo.
  • Apply Photo Frame on your photo click on frame button and choose frame type.
  • choose frame and click on it to apply try different-different frame on photo lot’s of photo frame to apply.
  • Apply Stickers on photo click on sticker option and choose sticker type which type of sticker you want to apply.
  • choose sticker and click over the sticker and arrange the size of sticker and location.

Save photo just click on save button at top right. SAVE AND SHARE AND ENJOY….