Photo2Video: Photo SlideShow

Choose photos, add music and then you can create a photo slideshow with music and share everyday wonderful moments with your family and friends.
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Guide to use : Photo2Video: Photo SlideShow

If you are looking for the best video editor and slideshow maker for preserving your memories in the best possible way then this application is your go to option. This application is available on the Microsoft App Store; you can search for the application with its name written on the search bar.

Let’s get started : Click on the button which you wish to perform i.e.

  • Slideshow
  • Video to Mp3
  • Trim Video


  • Click on Slideshow from home screen and choose multiple photos from your gallery after select multiple photos you can make amazing slideshow video with amazing tools.
  • You can add effects, music, sticker, theme, text and transition to your slideshow and fix the timing of their appearance in the slideshow.
  • The Filter option helps you choose from any filter you want to apply to your video.
  • Click on filter button there is lot’s of amazing filter effect to apply on video.
  • Choose any effect and just one click step to apply amazing filter effect.
  • The Duration/Record option helps you to add more pictures to your slide as well as adjust the time duration of each slide.
  • Here you can remove or add photos in slideshow or set video length after that click on ok button to save your changes.
  • Click on canvas button and choose video canvas size format and change tab to fit/fill to choose background pattern and color.
  • lot’s of social  media canvas size format to choose click over it to apply.
  • choose video background pattern or background color of video.
  • The music options give you the liberty to choose from the inbuilt music from the application also you can browse from the files on your computer.
  • Once you are done selecting the music, you can trim it as well.
  • After select music choose one option from giving radio button first is to repeat music if slideshow duration length is more than music added and second is slideshow will run only for the duration of music added.
  • Here you can mange slideshow video duration.
  • The Sticker option helps you to choose from any sticker of your choice.
  • Click on stickers button and choose cool and funny stickers and just click on stickers and set starting or ending time of sticker to display in video.
  • The text option helps you to insert customized messages in your video also gives you the liberty to choose from any font style and color.
  • Click on text button and write your text in text area and choose amazing text style and color and click on check yes button.
  • After that set the timing of text to display in video set starting or ending time of text and click on ok button.
  • You can apply multiple text in single video at different different time frame.

Video to Mp3

  • On the first click of Extract Mp3, you will be given options to choose from. 
  • To start with something new you have to click on the option. 
  • The other options include Video Editor, Slideshow, Trim Video, Merge Video, Mute Video, Add Music, and Extract MP3.
  • You have to select from the above options and choose from your media files to get started.
  • Click on Extract MP3 option on the main menu then select video from file storage.
  • You can trim the video if required.
  • Select from any style of file format from the given list.
  • Save file by selecting the next button.
  • Press back at any given point to go to the previous step.

Trim Video

  • Select the video you want to use, click on the trim option to trim your video.
  • Click on the add video option to add more video and merge them.
  • Trim your videos from the beginning or end to make it of any size.
  • Select from the varied options from the desired format and resolution which are inbuilt in the application.
  • Click on the continue button to save your video, press back to rewind your actions.