Change Dress Color & Cloth Color

This unique dress color-changing tool helps you edit and design cool profile pictures like never before.

Spread new colors in your old pictures with these unique dresses, a color-changing tool for editing and designing trendy and funky profile pictures like never before. Make your desires come true with the cool new dress painter and glam-up tool for all the photo addicts.

Now stop spending so much time editing the color of your dresses. Use this unique tool which is incredible for changing the color of your dresses with a single flick of your finger. Change the color of any outfit with a swipe of your finger on your t-shirt, tie, dress, or button. Apply a combination of colors to your frames for making it look more eye-catching and energetic.

These are the Main Features:

· More than 20+ color options for your dresses.

· Adjust image rotation and flips in a preview of your image.

· Use the draw selection tool to color your images.

· Paint tool for using your painting skills in your pictures.

· Save photos in HD quality on your device.

· Add emoticons and stickers to your images.

· Blur your image and easily adjust the blur level of the picture

  • Make classy images by applying FX effects.
  • Use different shades using colorful options.
  • Try new designs and colors to publish your image.
  • Simply save and share on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, WhatsApp, and many more social networking sites.

Intensify your personal pictures by splashing multiple colors in your image and make them more delightful for a lifetime. Stylish and lovely user interface for new users to work with their image.

Use the brushing tool for free-flow painting and dignify your skills in your image, or you can draw the selection as you wish to paint your image. Supports universal windows platform to work with all types of devices.


Step 1: As soon as the application, “Change Dress Color and Cloth Color” gets installed on the device, you will be directed to a space where you will see 2 options, gallery, and tutorial. Click on the Gallery button to select a photo.

Step 2: After selecting the photo, you will have the following functions to perform on your image:

  • RIGHT – rotate your image to the right if that’s what suits your photo.

  •  LEFT – rotate your image to the left if that’s what suits your photo.

  • VERTICAL – give your image a vertical orientation if vertical orientation enhances the photo.

  • HORIZONTAL – give your image a horizontal orientation if vertical orientation enhances the photo.

Step 3: To modify your picture. Let’s proceed to use the editing features.

  • Set brush size by moving the slider at the topmost center. Move the slider towards the right for a bigger brush size and towards the left for a smaller brush size.
  • Close clove: Click on the close clove button to select the painting close area. It will fill color in your selected clove.
  • Paint: Click on the paintbrush icon, select Brush type (Gray: Gray color brush for gray paint) and Color Brush (select a color brush and click on choose button to choose color).
  • Click on the paintbrush, and select color from the choose button and paint using the paintbrush tool.
  • Click on the save button to save photos in your gallery.

Step 4: Save the photograph in a folder and share it with friends via social media platforms.