Story Maker - Create Stories

Short video stories allow you to “share all the moments of your day, not just the ones you want to keep on your profile.” This feature enables you to share a collection of photos and videos that appear together in a “slideshow format,” essentially creating a reel of your experiences.

Short video stories enable you to ‘share all the moments of your day, not just the ones you want to keep on your profile.’ This feature allows you to share a compilation of photos and videos, presenting them together in a ‘slideshow format,’ resembling a reel.

If you enjoy creating video stories, then this all-in-one application is perfect for you. Crafting a unique story style is crucial for making your social media brand easily recognizable.

With ‘Story Maker – Create Stories for Memory,’ you can choose professionally designed templates to give your story a theme. Utilize a variety of editing tools to tailor your content to your taste. Share your creations on any platform, especially on social media, as the app is curated for such use. Additionally, if you’re a Snapchat user, the app can be used to create stories on that platform as well.

This Video Collage application allows you to create a beautiful grid of videos. Multiple grid options are available, ensuring you can select the most unique and fitting one. Add your videos to the grids just like you would add photos to any photo collage application. Combine multiple videos seamlessly to capture all your perfect moments. The app is user-friendly, requiring no design skills or professional acumen. You can easily create compelling content in just 5 minutes. No accounts are needed for logging in, and no complex software is required—just your smartphone. Share your memories with friends and family. All your stories are pre-set in the right size for easy posting on social media. Instantly preview the video collage in high resolution.

To use ‘Story Maker – Create Stories’:

Step 1:-  Once the app is installed on your device, click on the ‘Start Your Story’ button. Record or capture a beautiful moment, and enhance it using the available tools.

Step 2:-  As you progress through the process, you’ll encounter a dialogue box presenting various frame options, including ‘fashion,’ ‘texture,’ ‘new year,’ ‘winter,’ ‘story life,’ ‘Christmas,’ and ‘photography.’ Select a frame type, such as Christmas, new year, or story life, and click on the chosen frame to make your selection.

Step 3:- Each of the tabs mentioned above features unique and captivating frames and templates, enhancing the brightness and glow of your reel or story.

Step 4:-  Click on the ‘+’ button to add your videos and photos. After arranging them, click on the download button to save the collage to your gallery and free up storage space.

Step 5:-  Add some final touches to your story by cropping, resizing, editing, or changing the template as desired. Click on the ‘Next’ button to save your decorated story. Upload it on social media networking sites, save, and share it.