Color Splash Effects Photo Editor

Create mind boggling images with extraordinary styling tools for creating amazing pictures of your loved ones.

“Color Splash Effect Photo Editor” is a marvelous and striking application. The developers have added so many astounding effects that will give an impact of a ‘color splash’. 

Create mind-boggling images with extraordinary styling tools for creating amazing pictures of your loved ones. Simply drag any picture from the gallery and splash colors in it with multiple tools using a brush or free selection tool. Design your images with cool effects and make them stunning and everlasting pieces of memory for a lifetime. Create your own stylish and classic image using this application. Stun your family and friends with a single touch of your device.

Use a brush or free selection tool to edit your image so that it becomes handier. The app is curated with a cool and interactive User interface. Use either multiple effect or single effect in a photo frame as per your specifications. Easy save and share within the device or any location of your choice. Share on social media networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, and many more with a single click. Blast your ideas in classy images and effects embedded in the app- Color Splash Effect Photo Editor. Splash dynamic colors in black & white images are also presented by the developer to make your photos more aesthetic and give them a retro and classy look. Now the app not only allows you to make changes in the foreground but also in the background of the image. Splash your images with delightful colors from a variety of effects such as sepia, black & white, etc.

It is completely free to download the app which is very stable and responsive. Supports universal windows platform for working effectively on your touch devices such as smartphones, tablets, and PCs. Any constructive feedback is accepted. 

Make your photos astonishing by the app- Color Splash Effect Photo Editor and enjoy!

Guide to use: Color Splash Effects Photo Editor

Step 1: It is our utmost pleasure that you are giving us the chance to fulfill your editing needs by installing our wondrous application on your PC or laptop. Once successfully installed, click on it to launch it.

Step 2: As soon as it starts, you will be presented with the option of the gallery, clicking on which will direct you to your files or the library of your device. You can choose the photo you wish to proceed with. 

When you choose the photo to be edited, draw a close curve on the photo to color Brush it. Set Brush size on top by adjusting the slider.

Step 3: Click on gray Brush tool and move your mouse on your image to apply grey brush effects on your image.

Step 4: Click on paint Brush button and select the brush size and paint the your image to help of mouse.

Step 5: Click on choose color button and pick the color on color picker and drow your image to help of mouse.

Step 6: Click on Filter button and apply the trending filter effects on your photo creation.

Step 7: Click on Sticker button and choose your favourite stickers and apply it on your photo creation.

Step 8:  If you wnat to add stylish text on your photo creation this application helps to easy to add text on your photo creation.

  • Click on the text button to add words to your photo and make it speak your mind.

    • Write text and set alignment and text format: bold & italic using the B and I icon respectively.
    • You can also choose font color from a whole lot of color options available for text.
    • Choose font family-style and click on the Done button.

Step 9: As soon as all the editing is done, click on the Save button to store it in the gallery of your device so you can share it further with your friends and family.