Selfie Camera Expert

effects and share them on social networks with a swipe of your finger. It’s very fast, elegant and seems like a magic.
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Guide to use : Selfie Camera Expert

Click on the button which you wish to perform eg:

  • Camera : Capture photo using your camera.
  • Gallery : Select Photo From Your Gallery.
  • Click on Enhance button to enhance photo quality :
  • Hi-Def
  • illuminate
  • Color fix

click on button to apply effect on photo..

  • Awesome photo filter effects to apply.
  • Wide range of photo filter effects to choose.
  • Click on frame button and choose border frame.
  • click over frame to apply frame on photo.
  • Lot’s of Awesome photo Stickers available to choose.
  • Click on any stickers And set location and size.
  • click on Overlay button and choose overlay and click over the overlay to apply.
  • Click on vignette button an set vignette effect.
  • Click on focus button and set the focus effect on photo.
  • click on lighting button and set brightness, sharpness, contrast etc.
  • click on draw button and draw something on photo.
  • click on blur button and choose shape and apply.
  • Click on text button and write your text.
  • choose font style lot’s of awesome font style to choose.
  • click on color button and choose font color.
  • click on background icon and choose text background.
  • click on alignment button set text alignment.
  • Click on blur button and choose shape.
  • outer of shape image blur background.

Click on Save Button to save Photo in Your Gallery. Save Share and Enjoy…..