How to use Text On Photos

Just follow the easy steps below,

Clicking on the start button,

Default image is already preset in the application,

Select the gallery button,

to add the image you wish to edit by browsing your gallery in your device


Select the sticker button,

and apply various funny stickers and emoticons to spread your own stardom in image


Click on the text button,

to add text and apply multiple effect to your text from bottom bar such as bold, italic, font, etc. in your pictures for making more funnier

3Click on the bubble button,

and select a bubble you wish to add in your frame and express yourself  by adding captions

and now you can also re-size the bubbles by using pinch to expand and collapse


Make beautiful frames by adding your lovely quotes and captions to make them memorable forever


6Select the frame button,

and apply designer frames to your pictures by sliding the bar in the bottom of the application.

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