Express yourself better than before in your photo frames by adding refreshing emotions and text to your images with the help of captions and quotes. App offers a great variety of photo editing tools by completing all of your desires for making your pictures look great. Customized pictures are already in trend since smartphone technology reshaped the digital photography world. It only takes a considerable amount of time for processing any image and provides the best ever photos to the user in the gallery layouts.  Exciting stickers with multiple designs are presented to you by the developer. A wide variety of designer themes are also available.  Pinch to zoom and adjustable rotation function for stickers and text designs is present in the app. Easily save pictures in HD quality within the device. Adjust the sizes and color of the text by sliding your finger. Drag and stick text anywhere on your frame. It is a more consistent, responsive, and stable app.

The application supports all types of universal windows devices for making the app more responsive and reliable for work. An elegant and graceful interface makes it more simplified and easy to work. A very desirable and light application for photo editing on your touch device. It’s always best to be productive with your images for making different designs of the images to work smartly. Powerful and productive application for making the images more realistic and useful on the go for new users. Convert your thoughts to words for making a bold and everlasting impression on others through your desirable pictures. Moreover, the text looks more amazing than the images ever before.

What makes your photos a lot more expressive and reflect your thoughts simultaneously while showcasing your aesthetic self? The answer is simple, your words. The app gives you the feature to add words to your photo through the ‘Add Text’ feature. 

Step 1: Now that you have downloaded this application on your PC or laptop, start it by clicking on it.

Step 2: Once you have added the filters, click on the ‘Add Text’ icon to add words to your photo. 

Step 3: You can change the font of the text through the font icon.

Step 4: Align it to the left, right, or middle through the align icon. 

  • The color of the text can also be changed through the color icon. 
  • The text can also be converted into all caps, title cases, or small cases through the caption icon within the ‘Text’ feature.

step 5: When you are through with editing and adding text to the photo, save it in the gallery of your device.