Blend Collage Photo Editor

Whether you want to create an eye-catching photo collage with blending effects or craft a photo album featuring your photos with a blend effect, our app has you covered.

Create captivating photo collages with blending effects or design a photo album with a blend effect using Photo Blend Collage. The app offers more than 50 custom shapes for cropping your photos, various filters for enhancement, and freehand cropping by drawing lines on your photos.

Photo Blend Collage makes it easy to create family collages, telling a stunning photo story of your loved ones. Instantly save and share your creations on social networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Download now and start crafting your visual stories.

Don’t forget the most important part – have fun with photo blending!

We understand the desire to showcase multiple photos in a single frame. Imagine having different photos with diverse backgrounds featuring your favorite people in one frame. Introducing our grid collage feature, bringing you the opportunity to boast multiple photos simultaneously. Tap here to learn more.

Step 1:-  After downloading this marvelous application on your PC or laptop, launch it by clicking on it. Start creating your visual masterpieces!

Step 2:-  Once the app opens, it will provide you with the option to create a collage using the ‘Collage’ feature on the home screen.

  • Select the grid size from a variety of available options, including different grid columns. You can even choose a grid tailored for uploading specifically on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Step 3:-  The ‘Adjustment’ icon allows you to modify the border-radius and corner radius by adjusting the slider accordingly.

Step 4:-  Click on the ‘Effects‘ icon to add classic filter effects to your grid creation.

Step 5:-  Click on the ‘Fill’ icon and choose your favorite color to fill the grid border. The app provides a wide range of colors for you to easily select. 

Step 6:-  Click on the ‘Flip/Rotate’ icon to apply flip and rotate options to your grid image.

Step 7:-  Understanding the ‘How to Edit’ option in Grid Collage.

When you click on the edit icon, the app provides numerous editing options. Click on the ‘Effect’ icon to apply your favorite effects to enhance your grid creation.

Step 8:-  Enhance your Grid collage creation with Trending Stickers.

Click on the stickers icon and add your favorite stickers to embellish your grid creation.

Step 9:-  Infuse Brush Pattern Design into your Grid collage image creation.

Click on the Brushes icon and add your favorite pattern to your grid image creation.

Step 10:-  Incorporate Drawn Shapes into your Grid Collage Image.

Click on the ‘Draw Shapes’ icon and apply your favorite shapes to enhance your grid image creation.

Step 11:-  Integrate Drawn Shapes with Patterns into your Grid Collage Image.

Click on the ‘Shape Mask’ icon and add your favorite mask to enhance your grid image creation.

Step 12:-  Click on the ‘Overlay’ icon and apply overlay effects to your video creation. The application provides a variety of new overlay effects that you can easily apply to enhance your grid collage creation.

Step 13:-  All Done!

Now, click on the save button to save your Grid collage creation in JPG and PNG formats. Additionally, you can share your creation with family and friends.