Blend Collage Photo Editor

Whether you want to craft an eye-catching photo collage with blending effects or create a photo album showcasing your photos with a blend effect, our app has you covered. Download now and bring your visual stories to life!

Create captivating photo collages with blending effects or design a photo album featuring your photos with a blend effect using Photo Blend Collage. With over 50 custom shapes for cropping, various filters, and the flexibility of freehand cropping through a simple drawing tool, crafting family collages has never been easier. Share your stunning photo stories instantly on social platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Download now and start creating your visual narratives. And remember, the most important part is to have fun with photo blending!

Organize your pictures as you desire, breaking free from the constraints of a specified grid. Freestyle Collage allows you to arrange pictures from your gallery in different positions and directions.

Step 1:-  Open Freestyle Collage, where the ‘Image’ option allows you to choose photos from your gallery to fit into your customized collage. The ‘Camera’ option lets you capture the moment instantaneously.

Step 2:-  Simply tap anywhere to add your photo to the creation.

Step 3:-  Explore the features on the palette to add text and stickers to your self-designed collage. Customize the color, font, size, and more for the text. Additionally, resize the stickers as you place them. 

Step 4:-  Click on the ‘Background’ icon to add any textured, colored, or customized background to your collage, enhancing its expressiveness.

Step 5:-  Begin by tapping on the Plus icon, then click on the ‘Add Text’ icon to include unique text in your Freestyle collage creation. Customize the text by changing its color, font style, and add features like text shadow and more.

Step 6:-  All Done! Now, click on the save button to save your Freestyle Collage creation. You can also share your image creation with family and friends.