Want to create eye catching photo collage with blending effect or want to create photo album of your photos with blend effect.

Photo blend collage is here for you now. The app has More than 50 custom shapes for cropping your photo. Also has various filters to apply on your photo. Free hand Cropping by simply drawing line on your photo. Blend Collage is an easiest way to make family collages. Just put few pics on canvas and create stunning photo story of your family or friends.Instantly save and share it on multiple social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter and more.Download and start making your stories.

Note: Most important, have fun Photo blending.

Editing is a prerequisite to your images and collages. Beautification and modification is the stepping stone in making our pictures exquisite and captivating. Apply filters to your image to enhance your pictures. Give an artistic touch to your favorite pictures. Choose from the professionally designed options available for your edits. Stickers are like the accessories to the beauty of your photos. They clearly express the mood of the pictures and speak a lot about the setting of the image. We provide you the feature to add such expressive emojis and various other things to your pictures through the ‘Stickers’ option in our app.

Step 1. A lot of filter effects and artistic features can be applied by choosing from the palette of features available by using the ‘Effects’ icon on the right-hand side of the window.

Step 2: Add words to your immobile pictures and make them speak your mind by using the ‘Text’ button. Write in the box that appears on the screen. You can also change the size, style, font, and color of the text.

  • Click on the add stickers icon which will provide you with a lot of options to choose from
  •  Choose the one you wish to apply to the image itself in order to make the collage more magnificent.

Step 3: Click on the shape mask feature to add a mask of a particular shape. Choose from these options provided.

  • Click on the mask feature which provides you with a lot of customized masks to add to the collage.