Did you ever think of snipping something off your phone/tab screen and sharing it with someone? Screenshots let you captivate exactly what you’re seeing on your screen to dispense with others or reference later. Securing, storing, and sharing screenshots can be extremely helpful. In fact, some assert that the screenshot is the most important thing.

This application comes with a nice feature with which you can cut any portion of your screen with just a tap and share it on Facebook, Instagram, and more.

Screenshot Snipping Tools Application opens an overlay after creating a screenshot. You can crop, edit and share (or save) this screenshot immediately after taking it. The user can share screenshots, and also can set the path to save the screenshot. The screenshot display should be clear and not blurred, this app offers the users a clear display. You can decide to save or discard screenshots. Trim the captured screenshots. Browse and edit the history of all screenshots.

The moments within a video are worth saving sometimes but there is just no easy way of doing so. We cater to this need of our users by providing a user-friendly, well-curated feature of video snipping in our application. 

Step 1: After opening up the application, click on the video snipping feature on the home screen.

Step 2: Pick an application for recording and click on start recording. 

  • Choose the resolution, size, and frame rate of the snipped video from the options given.

step 3: In other option you can adjust the Mbps of your video recording.

step 4: Screen recording frame rate adjust using option feature.

Step 5: When you are through with snipping videos, save them in the gallery of your device.