Video Moments-MiniMovie

Create your own mini-movie or slideshow with the incredible ‘VIDEO MOMENTS- MINI MOVIE’ app, offering a plethora of effects and editing functions to bring your vision to life.

VIDEO MOMENTS- MINI MOVIE” is an incredible app that empowers you to create the mini-movie or slideshow of your dreams with a wide array of effects and editing functions. Follow these simple steps to craft an amazing video slideshow:

  1. Install and Open: After successfully installing the application on your PC or laptop, click to open the app and start the process of editing your video or creating a slideshow.

  2. Select Slideshow: Once the application opens, you’ll find the ‘Slideshow’ feature prominently displayed on the home screen.

  3. Photo Selection: Add as many photos as you like from your gallery, camera, or the web.

  4. Instant Preview: Play your video instantly after creating it and make amendments as per your specifications.

  5. Customization Options: “VIDEO MOMENTS- MINI MOVIE” offers a plethora of frames, styles, stickers, and filters. Choose from over 100+ stickers, multiple soundtrack options, and various font styles for adding text.

  6. Gesture Controls: The app provides easy-to-use and hassle-free gesture controls, making the editing process intuitive and fast.

  7. Editing Flexibility: You can edit the video after saving it at any time, giving you the flexibility to perfect your creation.

  8. Save and Share: Click on the ‘Save’ button to store your slideshow in the gallery of your device. Have fun using it and share your masterpiece with friends and family.

Download “VIDEO MOMENTS- MINI MOVIE” now and unleash your creativity!

Step 1:-  After successfully installing this application on your PC or laptop, click to open the app and begin the process of editing your video or creating a slideshow.

Once the application is open, you will see the ‘Slideshow’ features displayed on the home screen.

Step 2:-  Click on the ‘Slideshow’ button, which will prompt you to select a video or multiple photos from your device’s library. Once selected, a variety of editing options will appear on the palette to enhance your editing experience.

Step 3:-  If you’d like to incorporate music of your choice into the video, utilize the ‘Add Music’ feature, allowing you to select music either from the app’s built-in library or directly from your device’s music library.

Step 4:-  Proceed to select transitions for your slideshow. Easily choose transitions by clicking on the canvas button and making your selection from the available options.

Step 5:-  Now, effortlessly choose the aspect ratio for your slideshow. Click on the canvas button to explore various trending social media aspect ratios, and select your preferred one.

Additionally, within the canvas settings, you have the option to choose between full or fit to customize the display of your slideshow.

Step 6:-  Once you’ve selected an initial video, enhance your creation by seamlessly adding more videos to the sequence through the ‘Add Media’ feature.

Step 7:-  Utilize the ‘Filter’ button to incorporate filter effects and artistic features into your slideshow. Choose the desired filter to enhance the aesthetics of your video.

Step 8:-  Enhance the visual appeal of your slideshow by utilizing the ‘Stickers’ feature, allowing you to add expressive emojis and stickers to your creation.

Step 9:-  Click on the ‘Add Text‘ icon to incorporate expressive and meaningful words into your slideshow.

Step 10:-  Once you’ve completed all the edits, click on the ‘Save’ button to store your creation in the gallery of your device. This enables you to easily share it with your family and friends.