Pencil Sketch Master

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Uncover the artist in you! With very idealistic and creative application on your touch device for creating custom sketch templates with your personal images.

Ultimate sketching tool with simplified design on your windows device.

Integrated with 3 styles functioning – Sketch, Doodle and Hatch for amazing user experience.

• Three style design- Sketch, Doodle and Hatch for developing your sketch
• Image preview orientation settings for pre-adjusting rotation of your image
• Apply funny stickers and emoticons on your personal images
• Auto Image enhancement tool with auto effects and auto enhance feature for optimizing your image
• 8+ Pre-Installed canvas designs for flexible sketching
• Optional sketch designs to choose from Pencil or colored sketch
• Adjustable sharpness, lightning and blur effects of the image
• Add custom text on your image with lovable font styles and colors
• Choose from brush, highlighter or eraser for painting your sketch
• New resizable brush more precise and depth painting
• Selectable colorful canvas designs to paint on
• Featured live cam for capturing real time images
• Exclusive Doodle board for new users
Universal Windows Application support for stable and reliable working with images for designing frames and feasible photo editing on windows device such as smartphones, pc and tablets.

Stay updated on social media with family and friends by sharing your images online with single touch and making them unforgettable forever