Square Blur Insta Square Size updated with new design and stickers

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Despite all the photo editing application around the stores offering the same features of the app, we came forth to give you a new and advanced application for your touch devices which not only lets you edit your image but also allows you to design a relook to your images.2400-1200


It not only allows to create square images on a single frame for posting on Instagram but also for making them look fantastic with a simple effect. Create large and funkier images without cropping and easily post them on Instagram.


  • Simplified interface for new users
  • New patterns and Designs for making Instagram images
  • Easily save and share images on social media
  • New blurred background feature for easy functioning with your image
  • Use dynamic blur effects on your images
  • Personalize your images easily
  • Very responsive App
  • Comfortable for advanced users
  • Updated with fresh emoticons and stickers

Imagine your world in a simple picture which brings you all the limelight at one place when a single app can make it possible for you. Especially designed for those who are stick to their camera all the time like wild life photographers, social personalities and celebrities.

Try it yourself and see the change in your images with this amazing application which cumulates all the fun and happiness of your quality time. It’s a universal app for all types of devices for reaching out multiple windows users in various countries.


Download the app today!!