Square Blend Pic – Insta Square Size

Make your pictures more glamorous and idealistic than ever before to remember so that you can turn yourself into a celebrity. Add various filters to your photos and create a really great and unique images with a single gesture. Very easy-to-use features and simply choose a style and add the corresponding number of pictures to blend. Latest app update includes grid option and thus expands the borders according to your imagination.

846-468Updated with a set of options or even a pack of different effects to apply and create insta square size images with a magical flick.

Key features:

  • Blur level adjustments with a single swipe
  • Transform your blended pictures into square size instantly
  • Add shadow effect to images for dynamic creations
  • Develop square size images
  • Quick gallery select for editing any image on your device
  • Live cam for capturing real time images
  • Save and Share on social media like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
  • Swipe your image anywhere on the screen
  • Pinch to resize your image easily
  • Custom orientation adjustments for live cam
  • Effects variations to create decorative designs
  • Multi background options to apply on your image
  • Supports Windows 8.1 platform for stability and responsiveness

The app will detect eyes, lips and other face parts to provide you a better result. Modify or change brightness, add blur effect, change contrast and make other possible improvements on your face. Stylish app for quick photo blending. Take a photo or choose the saved ones from your device and blend or combine them.

Enhance photo designs in a creative way to bring out elegance and graceful pictures with family and friends which are shareable online.

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