Masquerade Camera

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Make each moment of your life more entertaining and joyful by using fun to play application on your touch device. Apply multiple masks on your real time image with a single swipeor capture a real time video to create a lovable piece of memory forever.

This app can swap your face with comic characters to turnyourself into both horrifying and hilarious forms all at once.
Simple and user-friendly interface might be a delightful for those who are new to the world of face animations by using simple gestures.

Key features:
• More than 15+funny masks to apply on your face
• New refresh option for both image and video for instant resets
• Clip your videos for masking easily with single touch
• Start and stop buttons for easy access while recording your clip
• Auto save feature in device gallery
• Animate yourself instantly on the live cam
• Universal windows platform support for flexibility and responsiveness
• Animate your designs with a single flick of your finger
• Inbuilt image adjustments tools withfunny faces
• Make your images hilarious like never before
• Auto video orientationadjustment preset in the application
Masquerade Camera app can apply effects to videos in real timeand discover the outstanding stylish cool masks to give yourself various funny looks. A lot of different masks to use including skeletons and cartooncharacters.
Plenty of different filters to choose between from animal faces like cats and dogs to human features like large, bushy beards and assorted headwear.