Video Editor Master – Tutorial (backup)

( New Update ) Trim and Merge from multiple videos

Select the add button from the toolbar,

to trim particular composition from a custom video which will be displayed on the top of the screen for each composition added

Again, use the slider to add another composition from the same video


You can add a new video composition from the another video by using the gallery option from the toolbar,

and select a custom video to edit and tap on the add button from the toolbar to add the composition to your current video selection on the top

drag and drop any composition according to your choice to set a custom position for each video composition added smoothly

Tap the particular composition from the top screen,

if you wish to delete or remove a composition from the set by selecting the remove button from the toolbar


Tap the refresh button from the toolbar,

to reset current composition selection


select the format and quality of the video in which you want to save and then, click on the save option and

your clip will be saved on a custom location on your device,

Please note while your video is being converted it will take few minutes to process or play on your device.3

Select the Frame Grabber option on the main screen,

and capture multiple frames or a single frame at a time in the video to save and share your best moments in the video easily

Click on the capture multiple button from the toolbar to capture upto 10 frames at a time of the streaming video

and select the best frame of your choice from the captured frames


Select the capture single button from the toolbar to save a single frame

Then, tap on the captured frame on the screen above to edit the frame in editor by applying amazing effects and stickers on the image4

Click on the merge option for joining multiple clips or pictures at a time,

Use the plus option to add clips in the start or to the end


you can also attach the trimmed clips after conversion for merging multiple videos at a time.

For e.g., like you want to split a large video into multiple parts and make a short movie out of it.10

Select a picture from the gallery of your device and deploy the time duration of the image from where you wish to make the picture appear on the video clip


As shown in the screenshot below, video clip and picture merged into a single clip


Click on the add text option for adding the multi-line text anywhere on your video clip,

Click on the text button for adding text and move the text anywhere simply by panning your finger over the playing video.

Text preview window will shows the same text as it will appear on the rendered video.

You can also use Bold, Italic, Underline, Text color and Resize text options in the app.6

After clicking on the accept button on the toolbar above,

you are asked to set the custom time interval for streaming the text on the video,

Select the Full option to apply text on the complete video streaming

or Custom option to set the time interval by swiping the slider for the appearance of the text on the video


Select the custom format and quality of the video in which you want to convert or save the file in your device

Use the drop down menu to select from various options of the profile such as 1080p (1920×1080), 720p (1280×720), WVGA(800×480), etc.

Size of the video file will be compressed or increased depending upon the selected video quality

and you can also convert video into different formats like MP4 or Uncompressed AVI

video editor new 1

Now you can update your video with multi-line text support to express yourself better in your pleasant video


Click on the add music option for attaching a audio clip

Simply, select the mp3 file you want to attach with the video from the gallery of your device.

And adjust the levels of the background and foreground music in the video.

Use the slider, to decrease or increase the sound levels of the video or mp3 file.5

Click on add effects button for adding the effects to your clip

and apply dynamic effects to light up your videos such as black & white, sepia, etc. by clicking on it.7

Use the slider from the bottom,

and adjust the timer for applying the video effect to appear on a selected video portion or composition 

Now, click on add composition button from the bottom tool bar to add the selective portion  and remaining portion will be buffered in the video player for preview

and you can add multiple effects on a single video by splitting your video into various compositions


Select the Toolbox Button, on the main screen

To adjust the brightness and contrast of your video clip,

Swipe the slider for contrast, saturation, brightness and sharpness adjustments for instant makeover in the video5

Select the Slideshow option for creating a slideshow.

Click on the plus option for simply adding images to the start and end of the slide show.

Click on the add music file to attach the audio files for making the clip more engrossed.


Now you don’t need to re-select or remove your previous pictures to change the order of your slideshow

Simply, use drag and drop from one position to other position to serialize easily


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