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Photo Lab Photo Editor

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See the best in you by discovering the great photo editing experience ever using this powerful tool to modify your images. Combined with simplistic design and ultimate features for image enhancements with single touch.


Optimized for all universal windows device to deliver superb responsiveness and stunning performance on any windows device. Take your photography to a next level using your smartphones and tablets.

Key Features:

  • Three form categorized photo filters to transform your image
  • Featured live cam for capturing real time images
  • Integrated with great collection of overlays to make images more electrifying
  • Apply multiple frames in your images to make creative designs
  • Stable and light application
  • Select from 5+ special effect variants to apply on your images
  • Exclusive Windows 8.1 support for feasible working
  • Save pictures in HD quality instantly
  • Personify yourself with special gift card frames to enlighten your pictures
  • Flexible controls and easy to use features
  • Vibrant and refreshing colors of effects and overlays

Dignify your personality with your customized images to express yourself and make your impression on family and friends. Perfect companion for any user to unleash his creativity and imagination via photo editing. Interactive and user friendly interface to offer you smooth photo editing.

Intuitive design and elegant functionality for empowering your creativity and skills. Always stay attached with your lovely memories of family and friends by making them more decorative and incredible to remember.

Download the app today!

Checkout the link below for details and tutorials,

Photo Lab Photo Editor – Tutorial

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Video Editor for Mobile and PC

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Prefect application for designing more radiant and vivid transitions in your ordinary video clips and transform them like never before. Extraordinary effects and intuitive interface makes it even more dynamic while capturing your live video.


Biggest plus point of the app is simplified design and universal windows application support for all touch devices. It’s a very responsive and light application for making customized picture in picture videos in few seconds.


  • Optimized live cam for recording your real time videos
  • Choose from variety of PIP designs
  • Powerful video editing tools & effects
  • More than 25+ styles to customize your clips in new designs
  • Stay connected with online social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linked In
  • Apply amazing filters and make beautiful stories of your own
  • Easy to use and portable app
  • Save video HD quality like 720p and 1080p
  • Add custom background music in your video

Full featured video editing tool which enables you to easily capture and transform clips within the app. App offers great quality special effects for keeping your precious moments alive in your memory forever.

Combined with user friendly interface and improved stability, it delivers a stunning performance on your windows device for making a short movie clip. You can also add custom music file to your clip to make it more memorable and delightful piece of collection.

Stay connected with your refreshing memories by using this app on your smartphones, pc and tablets anytime anywhere.

Download the app today!!

Checkout the link below for more details,

Video Editor for Mobile and PC – Tutorial

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Hair Color Changer

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Design a virtual makeover in your images with ravishing hairstyles and whole new hair colors to discover, which can make you feel like a celebrity in minutes. It lets you experiment with your hair with crazy shades.846-468

This app makes it really fun to play with your images using its image enhancement tools without imagining what you will look like in your image. Enjoyable app for all type of users especially for womens to try something creative.

This app includes:

  • Apply 40+ pre-installed hair color shades
  • Adjustable intensity of hair color with a single touch of your finger
  • Brightening tool to glam up your images
  • Enhance edge to edge smoothness of image
  • Discover new makeovers with your images
  • Customizable cool text designs
  • Resizable brush and eraser tool to modify your image
  • Windows 10 support for latest updates
  • Light and responsive application
  • Draw to paint your selection in image
  • Save and share feature for easy sharing

Vitalize your images with whole new looks and make a style statement on your family and friends. Now easily color your hair in whichever shade you wish to paint by using our unique brush tool for exciting makeovers.

Design extremely great pictures by changing colors of your hair with a single click. Combined with elegant UI and powerful features for effortless painting on your images by swiping your finger.

It supports windows 10 platform only for making the app more responsive and stable for work on multiple devices such as tablets, pc and smartphones. Integrated social media options for serving you better and stay connected by sharing images online.

Download it today!!

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Dress Color Changer

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Spread new colors in your old pictures with this unique dress color changing tool for editing and designing cool profile pictures like never before. Make your desires come true with the cool new dress painter and glam up tool for all the photo editors.2400-1200

Now stop spending so much time on editing the color of your dresses using this unique tool which is incredible for changing color of your dresses with a single flick of your finger.

Change color of any outfit with a swipe of your finger on your t-shirt, tie, dress or button. Apply a combination of colors to your frames for making it look more eye catching and energetic.


  • More than 20+ color options for your dresses
  • Adjust image rotation and designs for working with your image
  • Use the draw selection tool to color your images
  • Paint tool to show off your painting skills in your image
  • Save photo in HD quality on your device
  • Add emoticons and stickers to your images
  • Blur your image and easily adjust the blur level of the picture
  • Make classy images by applying FX effects
  • Use different shades using colorful options
  • Try new designs and colors to publish your image
  • Simple save and share on social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Intensify your personal pictures by splashing multiple colors in your image and make them more delightful for lifetime. Stylish and lovely user interface for new user to work with their image.

Use the brushing tool for free flow painting and dignify your skills in your image or you can draw the selection as you wish to paint your image. Supports universal windows platform to work with all type of devices.

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Photo Mixer Ultimate

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Beautify the combination of images using this ultimate collage tool which resembles all your photo editing troubles such as collages making, background enhancing, stickers and shapes formation. Take full leverage of this awesome photo editing tool for modifying your images with a single click.


It is designed to delight all our experiences in a photo frame by merging them in a single picture. Inspire your family and friends with spectacular effects in your photo frames. Pursue your imaginations and make them come alive in your photo collages by flicking your fingers.


  • Amazing text designs and frames to apply
  • Impressive stickers and designs for expressing yourself better
  • Amazing blur tool for adjusting blur levels by swiping your finger
  • Add elegant text designs to surprise your friends
  • Light and responsive app
  • Ultimate tool for splendid collages
  • Now you can apply custom background images and colors in collages
  • Unique mirror variations tool for collages for making them dynamic
  • New free selection and ratio cropping tool to enhance your pictures
  • Refreshing special effects to boost your frames
  • Multiple picture collage options to select such as 1,2,3,4,5 and 6 pic collage

All in one application for collage makers to digitize their photographs in few seconds for making them look fantastic and rejuvenating like never before. One of the main reasons for using this app is universal windows platform support which makes it very responsive and flexible for work anytime anywhere.+

Advanced level of customization of images for making high quality pictures and transforming your experiences into everlasting memories. User interface of the app is designed for casual users as well as for the core users to make it familiar for use. So, download the app today!!

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Text On Photos

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Express yourself better than before in your photo frames by adding refreshing emotions and text to your images with the help of captions and quotes.2400-1200 (1)

App offers a great variety of photo editing tools by completing all of your desires for making your pictures look great. Customized pictures are already in trend since the smartphone technology reshaped the digital photography world. It only takes considerable amount of time for processing any image and provides the best ever photos to the user in the gallery layouts.
Key features:

  • Exciting stickers with multiple designs
  • Wide variety of designer themes
  • Pinch to zoom and adjustable rotation function for stickers and text designs
  • Easily save pictures in HD quality within the device
  • Adjust sizes and color of the text by sliding your finger
  • Drag and stick text anywhere on your frame
  • More consistent, responsive and stable app

Application supports all types of universal windows devices for making the app more responsive and reliable for work. Elegant and graceful interface makes it more simplified and easy to work. Very desirable and light application for photo editing on your touch device.

It’s always best to be productive with your images for making different designs of the images to work smartly. Powerful and productive application for making the images more realistic and useful on the go for new users. Convert your thoughts to words for making bold and everlasting impression on others through your desirable pictures.

More over the text look more amazing than the images ever before.

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Color Splash for splashing colors in your images

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Create mind boggling images with extraordinary styling tools for creating amazing pictures of your loved ones. Simply drag any picture from the gallery and splash colors in it with multiple tools using a brush or free selection tool.


Design your images with cool effects and make them stunning and everlasting piece of memory for lifetime. Create your own stylish and classic image using this application. Stun your family and friends with a single touch of your device.

Key features:

  • Use brush or free selection tool to edit your image
  • Cool and interactive UI
  • Use either from multiple effect or single effect in a photo frame
  • Easy save and share within the device
  • Share on social media with a single click
  • Blast your ideas in classy images and effects
  • Splash dynamic colors in black & white images

Now the app not only allows you to make changes on the foreground but also in the background of the image. Splash your images with delightful colors from variety of effects such as sepia, black & white, etc.

It is completely free to download app which is very stable and responsive. Supports universal windows platform for working effectively on your touch devices such as smartphones, tablets and pcs. Download it today and discover the unique ways to personalize and enhance your images.

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Square Blur Insta Square Size updated with new design and stickers

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Despite all the photo editing application around the stores offering the same features of the app, we came forth to give you a new and advanced application for your touch devices which not only lets you edit your image but also allows you to design a relook to your images.2400-1200


It not only allows to create square images on a single frame for posting on Instagram but also for making them look fantastic with a simple effect. Create large and funkier images without cropping and easily post them on Instagram.


  • Simplified interface for new users
  • New patterns and Designs for making Instagram images
  • Easily save and share images on social media
  • New blurred background feature for easy functioning with your image
  • Use dynamic blur effects on your images
  • Personalize your images easily
  • Very responsive App
  • Comfortable for advanced users
  • Updated with fresh emoticons and stickers

Imagine your world in a simple picture which brings you all the limelight at one place when a single app can make it possible for you. Especially designed for those who are stick to their camera all the time like wild life photographers, social personalities and celebrities.

Try it yourself and see the change in your images with this amazing application which cumulates all the fun and happiness of your quality time. It’s a universal app for all types of devices for reaching out multiple windows users in various countries.


Download the app today!!

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Video Editor Master (Updated & Redesigned) – The Best Video Editing Tool

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It’s an amazing application for making a movie and editing the clips on windows platform. Video Editor Master supports UWP(universal windows platform) with user friendly interface and unique video filters. It makes very simple to edit your video clips with a single touch on devices.

Video editor

It can also create slideshows of your media files such as images, pictures and soundtracks. And there are lots of magical features in the app like video trimming, special effects and slideshows.

Key highlights:

  • Simply adding media files and getting a beautiful movie
  • One touch sharing on social media
  • Add music files in background to complete your video story
  • Fading effects and stylish text designs
  • Add various transitions for creating dynamic movies
  • Special Premium feature offers extended video editing
  • Directly create and share custom video size clips on social platforms
  • Advanced functionality for core users
  • Pin to start option for direct access to the application

Updated Features:

  • Integrated with frame grabber for capturing a single frame or 10 frames at a time and customize the captured frame of your choice using digital photo effects
  • Now collaborate your video clips either with picture or video easily with merged video feature and set the time interval for the frame appearance on the video
  • Organize your pictures in slideshow view without re-selecting or removing them
  • Added Multi-Line text support on full length videos and also for custom time interval video clips
  • Personalize videos using effects variations on video clips easily on the selective portion of the video clip for a particular time period
  • Redesigned Toolbox with flexible brightness, volume and sharpness controls


A powerful video editing app that gives you a desktop quality tools, in which you can add effects and transitions. Video Editor also allows you to add text feature between the videos which is really unique. It also features easy to cut and merge videos together with few touches and also provides some special effects likes slideshow.

It’s a free application with easy to use functions based on universal windows platform and equipped with wide range of tools for improving video quality. Video editor also supports multiple resolutions and HD quality videos in 480, 720 and 1080 pixels.

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PIP Camera Effects updated with cool frames and shape designs

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New way to design your images with cool and inventive application which combines blur images into a single photo frame. Simply pick any image from the gallery and add any design of your choice such as glass, watch, Camera, etc.


Add stunning effects to your images with cool backgrounds and multiple filters. Choose filters and effects of your choice to make your images more fascinating and enthusiastic.


  • Elegant interface for the user
  • Dazzling stickers and splendid filters to use
  • No more cropping required directly post on social platforms
  • Add blur effects to your images for making them look cool
  • Variety of pip designs for your images
  • Easy Share function for online users
  • Refreshing emotions and backgrounds

With blazing responsiveness of the app, you can easily create and share any image on your device. It is supported by all universal windows platform for creating dynamic and creative pictures. It’s easy to use functionality makes it a reliable and productive application. Intensify your looks by this app.

Designed for allowing users to flaunt through their personal pictures and express themselves. It also lets you add some extra effects for making them look more magnificent images.

Download Now!