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Mosaic Photo Creator

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Professionally design your mosaic patterns images and make them a great piece of art to create a remembrance for lifetime. Give your creativity and imagination new wings using this application.


Quick and easy way to make your image more stunning and delightful in photo gallery than ever before. This app has no limitations and equipped with cool features to discover. A storyteller image is always a perfect reflection of your true nature to create an impression on family and friends.

Key features:

  • Lovable design and Co-friendly interface
  • Easily revert your changes in the images using reset button
  • Optional auto and manual modes for personalizing image
  • Save and share on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn
  • Customizable designs and arts for expressing yourself better
  • Light and portable app
  • Supports Universal Windows Platform (UWP)
  • Automatic mosaic maker function with preset image in auto mode
  • Add 100+ images in a single time
  • Easy to use functions and handy app

Transform the images into a gallery art with designer patterns and make them more adorable and admiring. Just simply choose your image from the gallery and design patterns on them easily using this application.

Recreate ordinary images into high quality posters and develop beautiful images simply using this powerful tool. Stay connected on social media by directly posting your extraordinary pictures online. App delivers impressive responsiveness and stable performance on all touch devices like smartphones, tablets and pcs.

Download the app today!

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Mosaic Photo Creator – Tutorial

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Video Editor for Mobile and PC

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Prefect application for designing more radiant and vivid transitions in your ordinary video clips and transform them like never before. Extraordinary effects and intuitive interface makes it even more dynamic while capturing your live video.


Biggest plus point of the app is simplified design and universal windows application support for all touch devices. It’s a very responsive and light application for making customized picture in picture videos in few seconds.


  • Optimized live cam for recording your real time videos
  • Choose from variety of PIP designs
  • Powerful video editing tools & effects
  • More than 25+ styles to customize your clips in new designs
  • Stay connected with online social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linked In
  • Apply amazing filters and make beautiful stories of your own
  • Easy to use and portable app
  • Save video HD quality like 720p and 1080p
  • Add custom background music in your video

Full featured video editing tool which enables you to easily capture and transform clips within the app. App offers great quality special effects for keeping your precious moments alive in your memory forever.

Combined with user friendly interface and improved stability, it delivers a stunning performance on your windows device for making a short movie clip. You can also add custom music file to your clip to make it more memorable and delightful piece of collection.

Stay connected with your refreshing memories by using this app on your smartphones, pc and tablets anytime anywhere.

Download the app today!!

Checkout the link below for more details,

Video Editor for Mobile and PC – Tutorial

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Dress Color Changer

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Spread new colors in your old pictures with this unique dress color changing tool for editing and designing cool profile pictures like never before. Make your desires come true with the cool new dress painter and glam up tool for all the photo editors.2400-1200

Now stop spending so much time on editing the color of your dresses using this unique tool which is incredible for changing color of your dresses with a single flick of your finger.

Change color of any outfit with a swipe of your finger on your t-shirt, tie, dress or button. Apply a combination of colors to your frames for making it look more eye catching and energetic.


  • More than 20+ color options for your dresses
  • Adjust image rotation and designs for working with your image
  • Use the draw selection tool to color your images
  • Paint tool to show off your painting skills in your image
  • Save photo in HD quality on your device
  • Add emoticons and stickers to your images
  • Blur your image and easily adjust the blur level of the picture
  • Make classy images by applying FX effects
  • Use different shades using colorful options
  • Try new designs and colors to publish your image
  • Simple save and share on social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Intensify your personal pictures by splashing multiple colors in your image and make them more delightful for lifetime. Stylish and lovely user interface for new user to work with their image.

Use the brushing tool for free flow painting and dignify your skills in your image or you can draw the selection as you wish to paint your image. Supports universal windows platform to work with all type of devices.