Square Blend Pic (Insta Square Size) – Tutorial

How to use Square Blend Pic – Insta Square Size,

Follow the easy steps below,

Select either from the Gallery or Camera button to pick your image you wish to edit

Select the gallery button, to choose a image from your device gallery


Tap on camera button, to capture real time images using your device camera

Select the Square button from the toolbar,

to make your image square size instantly with a single tap on your touch device1

9Select the Blur option from the toolbar,

to adjust the blur level of your image and swipe the slider easily to adjust the levels

Tap on the Shadow button from the toolbar,

to apply shadow effect on your image with a single tap on your image3Select the Effects button from the toolbar,

to apply creative and more than 5+ effect variants integrated in the app on your images to make them lavish2


Select the background button from the toolbar,

to add background to your images with a single tap to make your images more elegant and decorative5Select the Share button from the bottom toolbar,

to share your images online on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram after saving it on your device4Liked our app? then please rate us five star on the windows store

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