Photo Mixer Ultimate – Tutorial

Howto use Photo Mixer Ultimate,

Just follow the easy steps below,

Selecting the collage you wish to make by choosing from the collages option on the main screen i.e.,

Free Form Collages

Shape Collage Or

Mirror Collage


Click on Free Form Collage option,

and select multiple pictures in a single time in explorer to create collage

Arrange pictures in the collage according to your choice for making it more stunning

and Use the toolbox in the left corner of your screen to add image, text, background, sticker or background frame

Click on the background frames button, and select a frame in your images and make them more stylish


Select the shape collage option,

And Choose from the multiple picture collage options such as 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 photos to add pictures in your frame

and select from variety of shape collage options according to your choice.2

Click on the mirror collage option,

and select the mirror tool from the toolbar in the right to add  multi-mirror effect in the picture


Select from new updated mirror patterns for your elegant collages

4 Select the effect button,

and apply special effects to your pictures by scrolling down the slide bar of the toolbar and create splendid images forever


Click on the stickers button,

and choose from the variety of stickers and emoticons to apply in your images by using the slider and make them look bold


Select the crop tool,

And crop your image by selecting a crop ratio from the toolbar in the right


use the free selection tool by clicking on the crop window in the bottom bar

and use the move crop window button in the bottom bar to drag your selection anywhere on the image

and then click on the clip pic option to crop your image


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