Pencil Sketch Master – Tutorial

How to Use Pencil Sketch Master

Follow the easy steps below,

Select the Gallery Button,

to insert a image from your device gallery

and take a preview of the image and you can also adjust the orientation of the image from the previous image settings


Click on the Camera Button,

to capture the real time pictures using your device camera


Select the Doodle Board,

and draw your own imaginary sketch on the doodle board to explore your creativity skills


Choose from three style options – Sketch, Doodle and Hatch designs to create your own fascinating sketches

Pick the tool from the toolbar which you wish to use in your image from the bottom toolbar

such as Blur effect, Effect, Stickers, etc.2-2

Select the Enhance Button, from the bottom toolbar

to enhance your image by using image enhancement tool – Auto Effect and Auto Enhance3-3

Select the lightning button,

from the bottom toolbar to adjust the brightness, contrast, highlights and shadows easily4-4

Click on the Text button, from the bottom toolbar

to add custom text on your image and make your text colorful by swiping the slider5-5

Select the Doodle Board Button,

and choose from the 8+ pre-Installed canvas designs to paint on for designing your own frame6-6

Click on the Draw Button,

select either from Brush or Highlighter to draw on your image effortlessly and make your frame look more artistic and creative7-7

In Doodle Board Option

Click on the Canvas color button,

And select from multiple color variants to apply on your custom doodle frame8-8Liked our app? then please rate us five star on the windows store

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