Music Video Maker – Tutorial

How to use music video maker

Follow the easy steps below,

On the main screen, tap on the gallery option,

and pick the images from your device gallery easily

Tap on the add button,

from the bottom toolbar to add more images to your selection for a creative movie


Apply the desired filter of your choice to your selected photos to easily customize them


Select the duration button, from the bottom toolbar

and use the slider to increase the duration of each slide in seconds and make them still for several seconds in your video clip with a single swipe


Tap on the title button,

to customize the title, font color and font size by swiping the slider

Swipe the font family slider, to change the font style of your title and take the preview of your text before applying it


Tap on the Music button,

to add music to your video and select from multiple pre-installed music clips on your video

Use the Select your music track button from the toolbar,

to add custom sound track for your video with a single touch and trim the portion according to your requirement of the audio clip


Select the watermark option,

to add a watermark on your image using the text box provided for watermark

and Customize text by swiping the slider of font size, color and font family smoothly


Select the save or share button from the above toolbar,

to save HD videos instantly on your windows device or desktop

or share button to share it on multiple social platforms like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter with family and friends


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