Mirror Photo Edit Collage – Tutorial

How to use Mirror Photo Edit Collage App:

Just follow the easy steps below :

To get started,

Click on the option you want to start with by selecting from Mirror, Collage or Shape option

Click on mirror button to apply mirror effect,

Select a picture from the gallery and start editing image

Choose from the multiple tools to edit your image showcased in tool bar in the right


Select the mirror option,

Apply multiple mirror effects to your images to make it more dynamic

Choose various elegant pattern according to your choice2Select the effect button,

And Choose from various dynamic effects to apply in the image such as artistic, blur, sketch, etc. to make your mirror image even more interesting3Choose or click on the sticker button,

To apply stickers, select a sticker and drag it anywhere on the frame by taping once on them or clicking on it single time

And right click on the sticker for re-sizing it by zooming in and zooming out

Click the Text Button,

To add text in your image and choose from multiple text patterns you want to apply in image,

and drag it anywhere in the frame or picture4Click on the crop option,

To crop your image, select the ratio in which you want to crop


Select the crop window option in the right corner bar to freely adjust the frame to crop according to your choice

then, click on the move crop window to move your selection and click on clip pic option to crop8

Next one, select the shapes option,

To add various shapes to your images and to adjust opacity,

and to blur your image click on the magnificent tool set provided on the right corner bar

Select the BG button to change background of the image,

Click on different color backgrounds in images to apply and make them look magnificent9

Choose or click on the Collage button on the main screen,

And select from the 2, 3, 4, 5 or free collage forms for making multi-image collage

After that, to create collage in different grid layouts, select a grid by clicking the layout option in the toolbar

and adjust images on the frame by taping on them or clicking on them

and you can also readjust the size of the templates in the image according to your choice by swiping your finger around them

Adjust rotation or apply effects on the image by clicking on the  effects or rotation option provided in the toolbox5

To change the background of the collage,

Click on the background button, given in the right corner toolbar in PC (bottom bar in smartphones) and select any background which suits you the best

To add text click on the Text button,

provided in the toolbar for adding the text in the collage easily and stick it anywhere on the frame by dragging it

And you can also select the free collage option for joining various images in a single customizable collage and save you image in high image quality6If you liked the app, please rate us 5 star on the store & provide us your worthy feedback about your app experience.

We are always happy to hear you and appreciate your interaction with us.

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