Masquerade Camera – Tutorial

How to use Masquerade Camera

Follow the easy steps below,

Select either from the Video or Photo option to capture the real time photo or video

Tap on the Photo button to capture real time image using your device’s face time camera

Select the masks button,

and swipe the slider to select from a variety of hilarious masks to apply on yourself


Select the click button,

to capture your image instantly with a single tap

Select the save button from the bottom toolbar, to save your image on your device gallery

Select the refresh button,

to reset the image using your face time camera

Click on the video button to create a movie clip of your lovely moments,6and

Tap on the start button to capture your real time videos with inverse position8and

Select the Stop button,

to stop or end the recording of your clip

7After that your video will be saved in your device gallery very swiftly and easily

You can also choose from a selection of masks to apply on your real time videos,5Liked our app? then please rate us five star on the windows store

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