How to use Color Splash app:

Just follow the simple steps:

Simply start by

Clicking on the gallery button:

Then, select an image by browsing the gallery of your device

and choose from the variety of colorful brushes to edit your image

Your current selection is displayed in the top right corner of the screen of your device

Current Mode shows the current selected tool in your image, either from curve or paint brush you are using to edit image


Initially, the close curve button already selected,

And draw a curve selection on the image you wish to color in black & white image or back in original color.




Select the paint brush tool,

and paint the particular section of the image you want to color in original or black & white for diversed images

Paint brush is very handy to use for making 2 shaded effect in the image



Click on the choose color button ,

To drop colors in your image and select the color you want to use

Using the paint brush, color your image with the tool and splash colors in it



Click on the change gray brush button,

To apply effects in the image background like negative, sepia, mirror, etc. with a single touch



Select change color brush button,

To apply effects in the foreground of the image by simply clicking on the effect which suits you the best


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