How to use Dress Color Changer:

Just follow the easy steps below:

Get Started by,

Click on the gallery button and select the image in explorer you wish to edit or modify


Take a preview of the image before editing it,

and easily adjust the rotation and view of the image by using the buttons  given in the bottom bar


Click on the change color button,

and select the color of the brush tool you wish to add in your image by clicking on that image  and drag the slider to choose the color of your choice

The current mode in the top right corner of the screen, shows the current selection

Choose from curve or paint brush tool in the bottom of the screen

and to re-size your brush size use the slider in the toolbar given on the top of the screen



Click on the grey brush button, in the bottom of the screen

to apply grey scale effect to your image and make it more dynamic


Create dazzling effects in your images using grey brush, just flick and paint 


Click on the color brush tool button,

to revert back your image color to original by drawing a curve or using the paint brush tool


Add mesmerizing effects in your frames by  using our free selection curve tool.

Click on the reset button of the top toolbar, to reset the image back to normal 

Click on the clear selected brush tool, to reverse your last action on the image

Select the share button, to share your image online with a single touch


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